Sunday, September 21, 2014

Printable Chore Charts for kids, teenagers and even adults!

Anyone who has kids has been there. We tell our children to clean their room, bathroom and some rooms in the home and 3 minutes later they say they are done! We are a little shocked at their speediness and go see for ourselves what their version of 'I'm done' means. We enter the room and it looks as if closets, furniture and beds will burst from the piles shoved underneath them!
I was that mom and created these detailed chore charts to take out any guesswork for children as to what we expect from them. The detailed chore charts walk them through each task to have a 'truly' clean home. They teach responsibility and a sense of satisfaction when the job is done right. They have helped thousands of families and have even helped families with kids that struggle with autism!

Thank you and happy cleaning!
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The 'Everything' Package
Up to 65% savings when purchased in a bundle!
Comes with:
*18 Chore Charts with detailed directions (Floor, yard, garden toy room, garage, setting table, stairs, laundry, refrigerator, bedroom, living room, library, kitchen, basement, mowing, after meal clean up and bathroom)
*Laundry schedule and sorting guide
*22 chore charts with pictures for younger kids (shower, baseboards, dishwasher, getting dressed, taking care of pets, put clothes away, wipe down mirror, setting table, sweeping porch, clearing table, clothes away, brush teeth, sort laundry, toilet, toys, garden, sweeping, garbage, kind deed, make bed and homework)
*4 pages of rewards
*behavior chart
*2 point charts
*packing and vacation list and a morning and evening list!
**If you can recommend me adding anything or any other chores, please send me an email to


 OR buy them all

 Chore Charts for ages 5-18 and above. You receive 18 chore cards, two per page and ready to be printed!
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 Chore Charts for ages 1-5 who need pictures to help teach them! You receive 22 chore cards, two per page and ready to be printed!
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Next are the reward pages, 4 pages of fun rewards to motivate your kids! Just print, cut and have them earn them. It is up to you how you want to assign your points. I usually give 1-3 points for smaller chores (pick up toys, make bed) and I give more for harder chores (wipe down baseboards, water garden, etc)

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Next is the weekly laundry schedule as well as a guide to help kids sort laundry. You will have to be with them at first because the guide is just a general one to get them started. Of course there are several other clothing colors not on the guide but it definately helps small kids!

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Next is a morning and evening checklist. This helps kids get their things in order every day and night!
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Next are the reward point charts. These help keep track of their daily reward total. There are two charts, one for little kids with fun characters on them and one for older kids who would be embarassed with cute characters on it.

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Next are behavioral charts. These have helped kids who have a hard time expressing themselves. They can circle how they feel and then write down a choice to help them become happy if needed.
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This is a packing list and a vacation list to help you stay a little more organized when going on vacation!
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I am always adding new chore charts so if you need a custom one, send me an email and I will let you know if I can make it!
Take a moment and see what would work for you and your family.
All you do is purchase, save the files to your computer, print and then if desired, laminate!
There are different packages or you can just buy them individually. Once purchased you should receive an email with confirmation of purchase and then a link to download them so if for some reason you don't please send me an email to:
Click on the above tab 'How they work for my family' to see how it all works!

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