HOW they work for our family!

This is how they work for my family...
 The chore charts were made to match the rooms I have in my home
 plus I have added some for others homes.
You give the kids the detailed job cards and then off they go to 
learn what a thorough cleaning job is and to help you keep a clean house!

I usually keep a point tally with my smaller kids (some big kids don't really care for the point system, you just take away privileges from them if they don't cooperate!)
Points = rewards like: dollars, soda, gum, movie rentals, screen time, etc.
I have 4 sheets of rewards for sale as well.

We abide by these 5 rules...
If you live by them, you get a high five-
if not,  you get a strike and 3 strikes?
You have to write a report on why you should abide by them.
We always tell our kids, they are simple and will make your life BETTER!

Here's to a happy family!

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  1. Could you tell me why some of the cards are larger than others?, the younger kids cards, scrub bath and wipe down baseboards are larger that the other younger cards.